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It is our pleasure to provide the best through our website, which is mainly dedicated to providing audio commentary service. Therefore, your dealings with us are supposed to abide by the following terms and instructions.
For the purpose of implementing your request regarding audio commentary, it is required to send a sample of the text from you to us after agreeing on the price and after you choose the appropriate audio commentator for you through what is displayed on our website
Once we receive the text clip from you, we record the audio sample and send it to you within a very short period
After you agree to the audio message sent by us to you, you pay the full amount for the entire script text through a Credit card.
After we receive the full amount, we immediately start working on implementing the audio recording for you and then send it to you.

  • We are ready to correct any error in the registration within the same text sent by you one time.
  • In case that you wish not to publish your audio recording within our accounts on the Internet and executed by us, we are committed not to publish it at your request
    In the event that you want to make a montage and merging of the audio recording with music or an audio clip, this will cost you an additional amount of $ 15 for each audio clip.