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Rules & Policy

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We are pleased to provide some professional Voice over services and more, by  our website, when you deal with us you should agreed the following terms and conditions:

– Regarding to the Voiceover service, it required to send us your text script,  after agreeing the price we may discuss together and after you choose the appropriate voice over artist from our website.

– Once we receive your text script from you, we start record audio sample and send it to you within a very short period of time.

– After you agree to the audio sample that sent by us to you, you must pay the full amount for the text script you require through PayPal or through a bank wire transfer.

– After we receive the full amount, we immediately start working to record  the audio for you and then send it to you.

– We are ready to correct the audio we recorded regarding your original text script for one time only !. And if you want to edit and change or correct your original text script then you need to pay the half fees for the price we told you at first time.

– We are happy to edit the audio file we created for you to mix it with music track or sound effect by a cost of $15 for each file.